Air Cooled Fans

New Air Cooled Fan Design Means "No Water Required"

Air cooled fan reduces downtime, eliminates water-related maintenance, lowers utility costs

AFC-Holcroft's high temperature, air-cooled atmosphere-sealed fans are suitable for the unique rigors of carburizing service. We have adapted a time-proven design utilizing a heat slinger for cooling and a shaft stuffing box seal to meet the requirements for atmosphere-tight continuous service. The air cooled fans are available in a variety of styles to meet most requirements (not limited to just AFC-Holcroft brand equipment). 

The air-cooled fans have the following important advantages:

  • Eliminates the need for water and associated water filtration.
  • Eliminates water related problems involving atmosphere and dewpoint.
  • Increased uptime by eliminating water-related problems such as atmosphere contamination and seizing of bearings.
  • Plug and play design means direct replacement for most existing AFC and Holcroft UBQ and GPC roof fans, using the same flange mount.
  • Less expensive to maintain.
  • Standard 12 month warranty.
  • Reduced part inspection frequency.
  • Unlike other designs, compressed air is not required for normal operation, and air from an external blower is only in special circumstances (such as turning off fan at high temperatures).

The air-cooled sealed design has been in service for a variety of atmosphere-tight applications (within the same temperature range as used for carburizing) for over 15 years.

The Parts & Service Team at AFC-Holcroft would be pleased to provide you with a quotation for an air-cooled fan assembly to replace your existing water-cooled fans. Call us at 248-624-8191, or email