Universal Batch Transfer Car (UBTC)


The powered transfer car is designed to provide a means of transporting, loading and unloading the work between the various stations and equipment within the batch heat treating facility.

Unique Features:

  • Available stock sizes:
  1. 24”x 36”x 24” (610mm x 95mm x 610 mm) 1100 lb / 500 kg capacity
  2. 36”x 48”x 36” (915mm x 1220mm x 915mm) 3500 lb / 1600 kg capacity
  3. 36”x 72”x 36” (915mm x 1830mm x 915mm) 6000 lb / 2730 kg capacity
  4. 72”x 72”x 56” (1830mm x 1830mm x 1425mm) 12,000 lb / 5450 kg capacity
  • Fabricated of structural steel shapes and plates
  • Heavy duty flanged wheel designed to operate on imbedded ASCE railroad rails
  • Heavy duty stiff chain dog-type pusher head to push / pull the work load
  • Gear motor chain drive with brake and electronic overcurrent protection
  • Some of the available options include:
  1. Single ended (SE) transfer car to service furnace equipment on one side of the aisle
  2. Double ended (DE) transfer car to service furnace equipment on both sides of the aisle
  3. Fully automated transfer car