enero 10, 2018


Rotor Clip, a global manufacturer of retaining rings, wave springs and self-compensating hose clamps, has purchased a complete AFC-Holcroft batch carburizing and austempering line.

The full line consists of a UBQA (Universal Batch Quench Austemper) furnace, a washer with transfer pump, temper furnace, transfer car, scissor lift table and stationary table, all provided by AFC-Holcroft.

The UBQA furnace is designed for neutral hardening, austempering, and other heat treating processes where a controlled environment is required during the heating and quenching portions of the cycle. Parts subjected to the austempering process are shown to have improved mechanical properties such as strength and toughness along with improved dimensional control during processing.

Rotor Clip is headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey (USA), with locations in Europe and Asia.

“Rotor Clip has been a long time customer of AFC-Holcroft” stated Ron Graham, Sales Engineer at AFC-Holcroft. “We are pleased that they entrusted us with this project to expand their heat treatment capabilities.”

About Rotor Clip:

Rotor Clip is celebrating its diamond anniversary this year, having opened its doors 60 years ago in Framingdale, New York. The company continues to strengthen its position as a global supplier of its product line to automotive, industrial, aerospace, oil and gas and medical companies.

Today, Rotor Clip products are found in components such as ABS brakes, air conditioning compressors, and steering gears to electric vehicle assemblies and medical equipment.

About AFC-Holcroft:

Founded in 1916, AFC-Holcroft, is one of the US market leaders in the production of industrial furnace equipment for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The company manufactures turn-key heat treating systems for applications including commercial heat treating, bearings, automotive, aerospace, mining, aluminum heat treatment, gear manufacturing, fastener manufacturing, and alternative energy industries.

Headquartered in Wixom, Michigan, AFC-Holcroft operates its own subsidiaries in China and Switzerland and has a global presence through a network of partners located in Australia, Brasil, China, India, Mexico, Poland and Spain.

About AICHELIN Holding:

The AICHELIN Group, as part of the BERNDORF Group of companies, is a manufacturer of industrial furnace equipment for different industry segments and provider of after-sale services. AICHELIN Group also operates in the field of induction heating and in the manufacturing of industrial gas burner systems. The group’s production sites are located in Austria, Germany, France, Slovenia, the US, China, and India. Altogether, the AICHELIN Group has 1,100 employees worldwide and ranges among the largest producers of heat treatment plants globally.

For more information, contact media@afc-holcroft.com.

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