julio 3, 2014

Specialty Steel Treating Adds New AFC-Holcroft UBQ Batch Furnace

   Specialty Steel Treating, a commercial heat treater with locations in Michigan and Connecticut, is adding a new AFC-Holcroft UBQ(Universal Batch Quench) integral quench furnace to their Fraser, Michigan, USA operation.

    The UBQ batch furnace, size 36-48-36, is equipped with a top cool chamber, which offers additional cooling capacity for a variety of processes.The new furnace will be serviced by a new, double-ended UBTC (Universal Batch Transfer Car), which will be delivered in the same timeframe; both pieces will be integrated with furnace equipment already in production.

      As a supplier of both standard and custom equipment, AFC-Holcroft customized their standard equipment designs to meet several specific requests from Specialty Steel Treating.The new UBQ furnace will meet all of the requirements established in AMS2750E for a Class 2, Instrument Type C furnace system. At Specialty Steel Treating’s request, both nitrogen and endothermic gas will be delivered to the top cool system on the UBQ.The rail spacing was also adjusted on both the UBQ and the UBTC to accommodatethe customer’s existing tray designs.

   Specialty Steel Treating has had a long relationship with AFC-Holcroft, and uses several different varieties of AFC-Holcroft furnaces in their production facilities. They also recently ordered a new AFC-Holcroft multi-row pusher furnace designed for high capacity output, as well as some large capacity 36-72-38 UBQ batch equipment.

About Specialty Steel Treating:

Specialty Steel Treating offers commercial heat treating services in Michigan and Connecticut. Their Michigan operations consist of four manufacturing facilities and one distribution center, along with one manufacturing facility in Connecticut. The company holds several prestigious quality approvals and provides heat treating services to numerous industries such as Aerospace (military and commercial aircraft), Automotive & Truck, Industrial Bearing, Heavy Equipment and Tool & Die.http://www.sst.net.

About AFC-Holcroft:

    AFC-Holcroft is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heat treating furnaces. The legacy companies that comprise AFC-Holcroft have a combined 225+ years of thermal processing experience. The company manufactures turn-key heat treating systems for applications including commercial heat treating, bearings, automotive, aerospace, mining, military, aluminum heat treatment, gear manufacturing, fastener manufacturing, and alternative energy industries.

    AFC-Holcroft, headquartered in the United States, has a global reach with direct sales coverage in North America and worldwide, whileAFC-Holcroft Europe serves major industrial markets in Germany, France, and other European locations. AFC-Holcroft’s Asian Operations manages partners in China, India, South Korea, and other countries in the region, and the company also extends into markets in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Russia, and Spain, through relationships with partners, many of whom have manufacturing capability.

For more information, contact media@afc-holcroft.com.

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