Recovery offers fuel economy and reduced emissions

High fuel costs and increasingly stringent emissions regulations make it more important than ever to reduce energy consumption and exhaust emissions related to your heat treatment process.

Fight rising fuel costs by adding recovery to your heat treatment furnace systems.

The recuperators work by recapturing the thermal energy that normally escapes into the atmosphere through the furnace exhaust duct. Rather than releasing heat as waste, it is recaptured and used to preheat the combustion system which can result in significant fuel savings. How significant is it? Verified data shows a potential fuel savings amount of 15% to 25%! And with an average recovery period of 1 to 1.5 years, it makes sense to contact AFC-Holcroft for more information.

AFC-Holcroft offers two recovery styles, suitable for most types and brands of kiln equipment, regardless of manufacturer.

We offer AFC-Holcroft EM Style (battery type) and IN-SITU (plug-in) EM style recuperators - one is probably more appropriate for your heat treatment furnace.

For more information, contact AFC-Holcroft at 248-624-8191 or to learn more.