July 27, 2023

Partnership with Sanken Sangyo

AFC-Holcroft L.L.C. announces partnership with Sanken Sangyo Co., LTD. to expand aluminum heat treat furnace capabilities.

AFC-Holcroft, a member of the Aichelin Group and global leader in the thermal processing equipment industry, today announced a strategic partnership with Sanken Sangyo, a Japanese based leader in the thermal processing equipment industry.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sanken Sangyo will provide their leading technology in rotary hearth aluminum heat treating equipment to AFC-Holcroft in the USA and Canada to enhance the capabilities of AFC-Holcroft’s product offering within a variety of industries.  The partnership will enable AFC-Holcroft to offer customers a more sophisticated energy efficient design to what the market currently has available.

 “We’re excited to partner with Sanken Sangyo, a leader in the development of rotary hearth aluminum heat treating furnaces,” said Tracy Dougherty, COO of AFC-Holcroft.  “This partnership will allow us to continue our growth in the aluminum heat treating market by complementing our current product offering (roller hearths, chain conveyors, pushers, mesh belts, etc.) with Sanken Sangyo’s energy efficient rotary hearth technology while reducing floor space, operating costs, and the carbon footprint for our customers.” 

“With AFC-Holcroft’s history of over 100 years in the heat treating industry and Sanken Sangyo’s Rotary Heat Treatment Furnace Technology, we are very excited and looking forward to making an enormous impact in the Aluminum Heat Treating market as a combined force,” said Nick Maroudas, Overseas Sales Officer of Sanken Sangyo. 

The partnership signifies AFC-Holcroft’s continued commitment to expansion into the growing aluminum heat treating market. 

For more information: 
Jean Wilbanks, AFC-Holcroft LLC, media@afc-holcroft.com 


    Partnership with Sanken Sangyo
    From Left to Right: AFC-Holcroft L.L.C.; Ron Waligora, COO of Project Management, Engineering, Manufacturing, and Field Services, AFC-Holcroft LLC; Tracy Dougherty, COO of Applications Engineering, Sales, and Aftermarket; Sanken Sangyo CO., LTD.; Yuichiro Miura, President, Sanken Sangyo CO., LTD.; Kosei Daida, Chairman.
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