Engineered Optimization Program

Have your process needs changed?

Is your thermal processing equipment showing its age?

Do you have new staff unfamiliar with the operation of heat treating equipment?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above, you should consider AFC-Holcroft's


Engineered Optimization Program

This program offers:

  • Modernization options for older pieces of equipment
  • Evaluation of current production and process cycles for opportunities to reduce operating costs and improve equipment reliability
  • Operator training and maintenance practice review to prevent downtime
  • Identification of key areas that could be sources of downtime
  • Review of failures to determine roof cause, and action plan to correct
  • Green Checks for possible carbon footprint reduction
Assuming just one intermittent problem on a high production furnace line, such as a mechanism jam on one piece of equipment:

Frequency: 1 x per week

Estimated time to resolve per occurrence: 30 minutes

Total lost production time per year as a result of an occurrence of this type: Over 25 hours per year

Just 30 minutes of downtime saved per week results in the following estimated cost savings:

One (1) 3-Row Pusher Furnace, Processing 3000 pounds per hour 

  1. 3000 pounds per hour @ $0.30/pound = $900/hour
  2. 25 hours lost production @ $900/hour = $22,500 per year

One (1) 2-Row Pusher Furnace, Processing 1800 pounds per hour

  1. 1800 pounds per hour @ $0.30/pound = $540/hour
  2. 25 hours lost production @ $540/hour = $13,500 per year