Roller Hearth

Roller Hearth Furnaces

AFC-Holcroft’s roller hearth furnaces are designed to provide greater uptime, ease of maintenance, trouble free operation and can be custom designed to meet your exact processing requirements.

Metallurgical Processes:

Carburizing, Neutral Hardening, Carbonitriding, Annealing, Isothermal Annealing, Normalizing, Stress Relieving, Tempering, Solution Treating and Aging

Types of Products:

Automotive Components, Aerospace Components, Tubing, Bar Stock, Castings, Forgings, Railroad Components and Precision Machined Components

Unique Features:

  • Modular design for flexibility and ease of maintenance
  • Ability to handle a large variety of parts of larger size and weights
  • Tension-free drive mechanism
  • Air-cooled fans for atmosphere circulation
  • Various quench systems available such as oil, water, polymer and molten salt
  • Patented “upflow” or “uniflow” quench design available
  • Can be fully automated
  • Available in a variety of control platforms providing total data monitoring, controlling, tracking and acquisition capability.