Universal Batch Quench Austemper (UBQA)

Metallurgical Processes: 

Austempering, Carbo-austempering, Marquenching, Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Neutral Hardening

Types of Products:

A variety of products made of steel, ductile iron, etc.

Unique Features:


  • Available stock sizes:
  1. 36”x 48”x 36” (915mm x 1220mm x 915mm) 3500 lb /1600 kg capacity
  2. 36”x 72”x 36” (915mm x 1830mm x 915mm) 6000 lb /2730 kg capacity
  3. 36"x 72" x 56" (915mm x 1830mm x 1422mm) 8000 lb / 3628 kg capacity
  4. 84" x 96" x 56" (2133mm x 2438mm x 1422mm) 20,000 lb / 9072 kg capacity
  • Normal operating temperature of 1450 – 1750°F (790°C - 955°C) with a maximum of 2000° F (1100°C)
  • Excellent temperature uniformity +/-10°F
  • Excellent distortion control
  • 99%+ salt reclamation
  • Water addition to salt for higher quench severity
  • NFPA compliant intermediate transfer chamber Gas or electric options
  • Ratio of system surface area to work surface area provides superior recovery rates
  • 8” (203 mm) diameter radiant U-tubes
  • Robust stiff chain rear handler with cast push / pull head
  • Bung mounted air cooled fan
  • Pneumatic quench elevator with specially designed corner guides to provide smooth motion and trouble-free operationVertically mounted variable speed propeller type agitators
  • Batchmaster II operating system to provide operational control, standard recipes and recipe management


Some of the available options include:


  1. Top mounted jib crane
  2. Transfer car (single or double ended) (UBTC)
  3. Temper furnace (UBT)
  4. Washer (UBW)
  5. Scissors lift (USL)
  6. Stationary load table (UST)
  7. Fully automated system
  8. SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system
  9. EZ™ Endothermic Generator


Salt bath quenching stands out for its environmental friendliness in metal heat treatment. This method, with its high thermal conductivity and water addition for fast quenching, is well-suited for high-temperature processes like austempering. It not only ensures maximum hardness with minimal deformation but also proves to be economically viable in the long term. The increasing usage of salt bath quenching in recent years is attributed, in part, to its environmentally friendly characteristics.

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