Universal Batch Spray Dunk Washer (UBW)


This washer is designed primarily for pre-washing light machine oil before processing and post-washing of parts to remove quench oil after quenching.

Unique Features:

  • Available stock sizes:
  1. 24”x 36”x 24” (610mm x 915mm x 610 mm) 1100 lb /500 kg capacity
  2. 36”x 48”x 36” (915mm x 1220mm x 915mm) 3500 lb / 1600 kg capacity
  3. 36”x 72”x 36” (915mm x 1830mm x 915mm (6000 lb 2730 kg capacity
  4. 72”x 72”x 56” (1830mm x 1830mm x 1425mm) 12,000 lb/ 5450 kg capacity)
  5. Normal operating temperatures of 140-180°F (60-85°C)
  • Gas or electric options
  • Specially designed spray system arrangement to provide superior cleaning results
  • Pneumatically operated oscillating elevator with mounted control valve
  • Bung mounted air cooled fan
  • Pneumatic quench elevator with specially designed corner guides to provide smooth motion and trouble-free operation
  • Vertical pneumatically operated steel plate type door with mounted control valve
  • Fabricated roller rails with cast iron rollers
  • Disc type skimmer system
  • Optional vertical Smartskim® Coalescing System