Endothermic Generators

A revolutionary new endothermic gas generator, aptly named the EZ® Series endothermic modular gas generator, was introduced to meet the need for an easily maintainable generator capable of reliable operating results with the ability to vary capacity, or add more as needed.

Unique Features:

  • Modular design for easy installation and expansion.
  • Easy retort removal from front hinged door, so no overhead clearance is required for retort servicing.
  • Unique baffle Recuperative to preheat combustion air to 600°F allowing 18-20% fuel savings
  • Specially-designed system provides 6:1 turn down ratio.
  • VFD mixing pump produces only the gas needed by your furnace(s).
  • High-efficiency air-cooled heat exchanger stays undisturbed when servicing the retort.
  • Heat exchanger has provision for soot removal without contaminating the catalyst bed.
  • Dew point indicator to alert the operator to schedule retort burn-off.Easy retort burn-off system.
  • 12" of ceramic fiber module insulation
  • Multi-loop temperature and dew point control.
  • Programmable turndown, burnout, heat-up, and cooldown recipes.
  • Cartridge Catalyst system; prepackaged catalyst reduces time and mess involved with replacement.
  • Optional retort removal yoke.